Penomet Review and Results


Here’s the short Penomet review:

The first time I tried the Penomet I was SHOCKED because my looked HUGE!

In 7 months I gained exactly 2 inches.

If you follow this routine then it may take a while but you can expect to gain 1-3 inches within 6 months.

You just need to stay committed and follow the plan.

The Penomet gets 5 stars from me?

It was almost midnight and I found myself on the Penomet website wondering whether to buy it or not.

I didn’t want to waste any more money.

Ever since I split with my girlfriend over a year ago I’ve been obsessed with .

At just 4.3 inches it’s no surprise that I couldn’t satisfy her.

I was very skeptical about the Penomet..

I’d already spent well over $1,000 on extenders, pumps and pills but nothing had worked.

But I had been hearing good things about the Penomet pump lately.

I read all kinds of reviews on forums and blogs to see what others were saying about it.

There were a lot of positive reviews on it.

I was still skeptical but I had come to a decision.

The Penomet was going to be the last product that I ever bought.

If the Penomet didn’t work for me then I was done.

So at about 1am I hit the order button and purchased it before going to sleep.

..a few days later it arrived!

The first thing I noticed as I pulled it out of the box was how sturdy and well made it feels.

It’s made from a poly carbonate plastic which is super strong.

The colorful gaiters that attach to the bottom are made of silicon and they feel very durable.

Within 15 minutes of unboxing I just had to try it out..

So I went into the shower, filled it up with warm water and secured it onto my and pumped out some of the water to increase the pressure.

For the next 20 minutes I just sat there listening to the radio letting the Penomet do its thing.

After 20 minutes I released the pressure and when I pulled my dick out I was amazed at how BIG it looked. ?

That’s when I really started to believe the Penomet might actually be able to help me get a bigger.

From that day on I followed this routine.

Here’s a picture of it..

It lasts 10 weeks and you use a different “gaiter” every week. (the gaitor is the removable thing at the bottom.)

The gaiters come in different colors and create different amounts of pressure on your.

The First 10 Weeks With The Penomet

After the first 10 weeks were up I measured myself and found that I had grown about half an inch.

I even took a week off to see if the results were permanent or were just temporary and a week later I can confirm that I had kept my gains.

My Penomet Results..

After gaining half an inch from the first 10 weeks I decided that I was going to just repeat the process and start the routine from day 1 again.

After 3 rounds totaling 30 weeks which is about 7 ½ months I have managed to gain 2 inches thanks to the Penomet.

Are the results permanent?

I haven’t used the Penomet for 4 weeks now because before I wrote this review I wanted to make sure the gains really were permanent and weren’t just temporary results from “the pump”.

So I measured myself again this morning before writing this and I am happy to report that I am still at 6.3 inches and haven’t lost a single millimeter of my gains.

So yes I believe the Penomet results are definitely permanent.

Q:Should you buy the Penomet? I’ve bought all kinds of products and the only thing that has worked for me has been the Penomet.

I believe that if you follow the 10 week routine like I did and use it for at least 20 minutes at a time then you will be amazed at the results you start to see.

Since using it not only has it taken me from 4.3 to 6.3 inches but I also feel like my erections are harder too and in bed I’m a million times more confident.

Just remember to stick to the schedule.

It’s kind of like bodybuilding.

Sure you can pick up some weights and get a pump going but if you want to build some real muscle then you need to lift weights regularly.

If you want to gain inches then you need to stay committed.

So if you can find just 20 minutes per day to follow the Penomet schedule then I think you’ll be amazed at how fast you start seeing gains and adding inches to your.

By the way I bought mine from the official website.

I’ve heard there’s a lot of crappy fakes floating around so make sure you buy yours from the official website.

How do you use the Penomet pump?

If you’re new to pumps like the Penomet then you may be wondering how it all works.

Well it’s actually very simple.

There’s also a page on their website here that explains how to use it.

The Penomet comes with different colored gaiters that you place on the bottom and each one creates a different amount of pressure when you use it.

Anyway you fill up the Penomet with water and then carefully put it onto your, preferably when you are more than 75% erect.

You then pump out the water which forces your to expand inside the pump.

This is kind of like exercise for your and over time all this stretching causes the cells to lengthen and get stronger.

The Penomet Pros and Cons

I’ve spent some time thinking about it and here are the pros and cons of the Penomet pump..

 ..The Penomet Cons

  • You need to be committed. If you want permanent results then you need to use it every day and stick to the routine. Sure you can use it now and again if you just want a temporary size increase but if you really want the best results then you will need to find 20 minutes per day to use it.
  • You need to keep it clean. I found that if I don’t clean it regularly it can get dirty quickly so you need to give it a good clean every few times you use it otherwise bacteria will start to grow.
  • Initial results are temporary. At first your results won’t last longer than 24 hours before your will return to normal size. With continued use the size increase will become permanent.

..The Pros Of The Penomet

  • Comfortable to wear. I find the Penomet comfortable to wear. It’s doesn’t hurt or anything like that.
  • It is safe to use. I’ve used it pretty intensely I have found it very safe to use and I’ve not heard of anyone else having any problems when it comes to safety.
  • Better Since I’ve been using the Penomet my have been amazing and a lot more intense than before. They feel great.
  • It’s simple. It isn’t complicated to understand and you can get started with it right away.
  • Get results straight away. It’s amazing how much bigger your will look after using it just once from the pump effect.
  • Harder erections. Before I started using the Penomet my erections were always a bit soft but now they are rock solid so expect rock hard erections that last for ages.
  • The price. The Penomet has pretty much changed my life and has made me 10 times more confident with the ladies and in bed so it’s actually really cheap for when you think about what it will do for you.
  • Gain inches permanently. If you follow the routine they share on their website here then you will gain inches in length and girth.
  • Nothing else needed. Apart from the Penomet pump you don’t need to buy anything else as it will do an amazing job just by itself.

So those are the Penomet pros and cons. I think the pros pretty much crush the cons.

The Penomet Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Penomet safe? My answer is yes. If you feel some discomfort then just release some of the pressure. I’ve used it a lot and I’ve had no problems with safety.
  • How long will it take to gain an inch? Well I gained about 2 inches in 7 months so if you follow this routine then you could gain an inch within 3-6 months. If you used it for a full year then you could definitely gain between 1-3 inches.
  • How long will it be before I start to see results? Trust me, you will be amazed the very first time you use it at how pumped and bigger your looks. For permanent gains you need to use it for at least a few months. Just like with bodybuilding if you want gains you need to stick with it.
  • Will my gains be permanent? Yes if you use it regularly. At first you will just get a pump but just like with bodybuilding if you stick to a routine then permanent gains will come. When you’ve reached your goal I recommend using the pump once or twice per week for maintenance.
  • Does it increase both length and girth? Yes, the pump expands the in all directions so you’ll get a length and girth increase.

If you have any more questions about the Penomet then just post it below and me or someone else will answer it.

Should You Buy The Penomet Pump Or Not?

Here’s the thing. The Penomet does work but for permanent gains it’s going to take time.

It’s like bodybuilding.

You need to stick with it if you want results because they won’t happen overnight.

So if you think you can spare 20 minutes per day and you want a bigger then I definitely recommend the Penomet pump.

Or if you just want something you can use before you go on a date or a night out to make your look HUGE then you wont be disappointed with the Penomet.

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14 Responses

  1. Hey joe just wanted to say I got the penomet and woah i am impressed after using it for the first time. My D really looks big so i’ll keep using it. I’ll update when I can.

      1. Hey Shane, just saw your comment. Wow, can’t believe it’s been almost 7 months.

        i have been following the routine they give and started jelqs too. now I gave gained over 5cm. top stuff!

        I still want to gain another 5cm lol.

        Hope that helps!

        1. Great to hear dxtr! I got mine a couple weeks back and am well pleased with it.

          It’s still early but I think I’ve gotten a little bigger already.

    1. If you’re looking for a pump that works then this is it. I know there are other pumps but this is the only water one I’ve tried so it’s the only one I can recommend.

  2. Hi
    We’re you 4.3 erect or natural I was wondering if you think this would work with an erect 4 inch penis or if the product would be to big for me?

  3. Thought it was about time I posted my results! I followed the Penomet schedule and have grown about an inch from 5 to 6.

    it works.

    I’m just worried that if I stop using it will I shrink?

    1. Nice results Wellies, keep it up. And no, you shouldn’t lose your results if you quit but i recommend to keep using it often anyway.

  4. Hi Joe, good review of the Penomet, I have got mine now and I will start using it tomorrow. How long is a good time to use it for?

    I’m thinking 10-15 minutes?


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