7 Ways To Become More Courageous


Are there times you wish you had the heart of a lion but feel like a mouse?

If grasping new opportunities and taking leaps into the unknown scares you, you’re unlikely to make the most of life.

Bravery can help you overcome hurdles and follow your dreams.

Here’s 7 ways to cultivate courage.

#1 Understand Courage

You must understand what bravery is before it can be cultivated.

Many people think courage is the absence of fear.

However, courage stems from stepping through fear rather than acting without it.

You might be afraid to climb a tall mountain or launch a new business, but when you are brave, you do those things despite doubts.

Also, the results of courageousness don’t always show immediately.

Superman might overthrow the bad guys in movies and receive instant applause.

In real life, though, acts of bravery aren’t always apparent straight away.

Publishing your first novel or embarking on a fresh career takes guts, but you probably won’t make vast sums of money and meet success overnight.

Courage often takes place quietly, behind the scenes, and builds gradually.

#2 Look For Ways You’re Already Brave

Instead of imagining you have no courage at all, seek your inner hero and help it expand.

Recall times you stepped up to the mark and achieved your aims even though doing so made you anxious.

Maybe you took an exam, traveled alone, or asked for help when you needed it, despite your dreaded fear of rejection.

On such occasions, fear didn’t stop you.

You acted with courage and can do so again.

#3 Let Yourself Make Mistakes

New ventures that take courage leave you vulnerable to setbacks.

After all, they involve doing things you’ve not done before, and you are liable to face errors of judgment.

Recognize you might not get everything right off the bat, but each mistake is a step forward.

When you slip-up, and you will, you become wiser and move closer to your goal.

#4 Stretch Your Boundaries

Courage grows when you stretch your limits a little further than usual.

Try new activities, attend social events, and push yourself to achieve more than you’re used to accomplishing.

Every time you succeed, having expanded previous limitations, your confidence and courage will increase.

#5 Find A Role Model

It’s easier to believe you’re capable of being courageous when you note the bravery of others who also had to push past their fears to meet success.

The internet holds plenty of inspiring success stories.

Rags to riches tales and stories of how people overcame their anxieties and accomplished their aims abound.

Read about them and find a role model to inspire you.

#6 Surround Yourself With Supporters

Your supporters, people who shout in your corner, have your best interests at heart.

They’ll help you grow and encourage you to shine.

Naysayers, on the other hand, will feed your insecurity and hold you back from success.

Spend time with people who want you to be happy and do well and avoid those who hand out unwarranted criticism and don’t want you to outshine them.

#7 Don’t Let Negative Self-talk Control You

You can feel anxious and still be courageous because bravery isn’t an emotion.

It’s not about how you feel; it’s about what you do.

So when negative self-talk tells you something you want’s impossible, or you’re not good enough, remember you can be lionhearted, anyway.

You can act as if you have courage. If you must speak in public for instance, but your knees tremble, stand tall. Use confident body language as though you’re brave and you will be brave.

Forget About Results

Focusing on results can make you more nervous than if you concentrate on each stage toward your goal as it’s taken.

For example, if you can’t stop thinking about how bad things could turn out if they go wrong, you’re unlikely to try to meet success.

Everyone needs to build courage at times.

When life’s challenges feel overwhelming, fear can stand between you and success. Cultivate courage in the ways mentioned and your self-image will improve, and your bravery will grow.

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